Church Periodical Club Ingathering (CPC) 

CPC will have its Ingathering on Sunday, May 21st. Some of us have been dropping loose change in the designated can on the welcome center as a habitual practice. It has been some time since we have emphasized the purpose for doing this. Getting rid of too much heavy change is not the main motivation! CPC focuses on literacy and materials for missions, Sunday Schools and day schools. CPC started when the Wells Fargo stage coaches were able to send Sunday School materials to the frontier. The ministry branched out over the years  and is still serving churches on Native American reservations and in other remote or underfunded places.  Church Periodical Club has served for over a century, both nationally and abroad, in underserved areas to bring Christian education and a level of literacy that offers a new opportunity for a brighter future.

We will include CPC envelopes in the bulletins for your donations. Thank you.

Date: Sunday May 21, 2017