Opportunities for Service

Acolytes Episcopal acolytes are boys and girls who assist with services in The Episcopal Church. The word acolyte is derived from the word akolouthos, which is the ancient Greek word for an attendant or helper. Acolyte duties include helping with candle lighting, processions and offertory, but the most important duty of an Episcopalian acolyte is to be an attentive worshipper and leader during church services. If your child is interested in becoming an acolyte, please contact Deacon Tom Burns.

Altar Guild is a ministry of men and women who prepare the altar and care for the linens and sacred vessels used in Worship. Please talk to Scot Marter or a team member for more information about serving on an Altar Guild team.

Blue Christmas is a special service during December sponsored by our Health Ministry. The service supports those during the holiday season who are grieving. Please talk to Linda Jordan, RN, for more information.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, & Eucharistic Visitors are parishioners who administer the chalice and assist at the Eucharist and other services under the direction of Deacon Tom Burns. Call the Parish Office for more information at 694-8856.

Christian Education for children—What is Godly Play? Godly Play makes use of the Montessori Method in the religious education and spiritual development of children. The program is experiential and multi-sensory. Please talk with Sally Stafford.

Christian Education for Adults—Bible and Book Studies are offered on Sunday mornings following Fellowship and on Wednesday evenings.  Please check the church calendar or call the office for current offerings.

Daughters of the King (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. Please talk to Pamela Howell for more information.

Flower Guild prepares the flowers to grace our Altar. Each Sunday during the year, except during Lent, parishioners may donate funds for altar flowers and other decorations for the church as a memorial or thanksgiving.

Fellowship Hour (Sundays) and Parish Dinners (Wednesdays) are wonderful gatherings of our Parish Community for food and fellowship. We always need helping hands! Please talk with Jessica Stewart or call the Parish Office at 694-8856 to inquire how you can become part of this hospitality team.

Health Ministry focuses on whole-person health through increasing self-knowledge, personal responsibility and interdependence among God’s people. Health ministry is a witness to the healing activity of God, emphasizing the integration of body, mind and spirit. Please contact Linda Jordan, RN or Gwen Burns, RN.

Greeters are the smiling faces that one sees upon entering the vestibule. Please talk to Michele & Joe Cobb, Ann Gett, Matt Maguire, Norma Viney, Kimberly & Russell Meyers, Beth Rubin, or Darryl Knapp in the Parish Office, for information on this ministry.

Jubilee Center Food Pantry is located at 3311 Andrews Hwy. And open on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month at 9:00 am. For more information please talk to Cookie Huxley or Linda Jordan.

Landscape Crew encourages anyone who would like to work on the flower beds and keep up the grounds. Please talk to Robert Norrgard, or call the Parish Office.

Music Program of St. Nicholas’ includes choristers, ringers, and instrumentalists who serve during our services of worship and for special musical programs.  Both adults and children are welcome in the choir and handbell program. Please call Darryl Knapp, our Organist and Choirmaster, at the Parish Office, 694-8856.

Newcomers’ Group is an on-going way to help invite, recognize, welcome and incorporate newcomers to St. Nicholas’. Contact Janet Whitman, Vicki Kerr, Jane Wolf, Darryl Knapp or the Parish Office.

Office Volunteers is a ministry which includes helping with the weekly bulletin preparation, newsletter mailings, and general office tasks. Call Darryl Knapp in the Parish Office at 694-8856.

Outreach is led by Deacon Tom Burns, Michael Jordan, Linda Jordan, and David Morrow. Parishioners also help with the Jubilee Center Food Pantry on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 3311 Andrews Hwy. Yearly, David Morrow leads mission trips to the Dominican Republic with our companion parish, San Simon Apostol in Puerto Plata.

Pastoral Care Committee oversees the needs of people in the parish, including visits and cards to parishioners. Contact Jane Wolf, Nancy Hart, Pamela Howell, Cindy Manley, Joan Whitt,  or the Parish Office at 694-8856.

Prayer Ministers Please talk to Margaret Williams, Cindy Manley, Kimberly Meyers, or Harris Kerr if you are interested in helping with intercessory prayer during Holy Communion.

Sound Board Ministry helps with running the Audio on Sunday morning. Please talk to, Joe Cobb, Nicholas McRae, John Todd, or Nathan Williams if you would like to assist in this ministry.

St. Nick’s Angels  Please contact Teddy Stickney if you would like to help with “sprucing up”  the Nave and grounds two times a year.

Ushers are parishioners with a special ministry of hospitality during worship, Please talk to Robert Whitt, Bill Garbelman, Jonathan Jordan, Linda George, Chris Buck, Bill Dingus, or Bryan Duplantis to be a part of this team ministry.

Vestry is the decision-making body of the parish. It is entrusted with the goals, finances, and resources of the parish.  Members are elected for three-year terms at the January Annual Parish Meeting.