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  1. The Divine in You

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    John 1: 1-14; 12252016; Christmas Day As I was writing this sermon, I realized I had successfully navigated through the month of December without setting foot in a store.  On my day off this past Friday morning, I had to gas up my car, and I must admit I was wavering.  I started thinking, “Should […]

  2. Light in the Darkness

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    Luke 2: 1-20; ChristmasEve;12242016 I was thinking about Luke’s Gospel reading this past week when I was talking to my barber.  I was asking her if she and her family had checked out the Christmas lights in our neighborhood; the lights, especially on the next street over from us, are quite spectacular.  She said she […]

  3. Preparing the Mansion

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    Isaiah 7: 10-16; 12182016; 4 Advent Our daughter Chana was born in India, in the city of Pune, which lies near the west coast of India and the Indian Ocean.  It is a very large city, with a population of well over three million people.  We adopted Chana when she was around ten months old; […]

  4. Wrestling with God

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    Matthew 11: 2-11; 12112016; 3 Advent I am happy to report that I received my second handmade John the Baptist Christmas Card this past week.  It came from that jolly old elf, Fred Newman.  He had heard Father David preach last Sunday about my yearning for such a card; and so, he custom made one […]

  5. The Light Shines in the Darkness

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    Psalm 143; 12082016; Blue Christmas Our psalm this evening is one of seven penitential psalms found in the Psaltery.  It is the plea of someone unknown to us, and yet his ancient words seem so familiar.  Though the psalm was written many centuries ago, the words express the common themes of both pain and suffering.  […]

  6. The Root of Jesse

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    Isaiah 11: 1-10; 2 Advent; 12042016 In the First Book of the Prophet Samuel, there’s the wonderful story of the anointing of David as the new King of Israel.  The Lord has just fired Saul, the former king, for disobeying the Lord’s orders.  The Lord sends the prophet Samuel to Bethlehem, instructing him to anoint […]