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  1. Waiting…

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    Matt. 24: 36-44; 11272016; 1 Advent I received a text message from my brother Tom this past week, advising me that the Powerball prize had climbed to well above $400 million dollars.  My brother Ken in San Antonio got the same text message, and we each bought Powerball tickets, as is our custom.  We only […]

  2. Brokeness

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    Luke 21: 5-19; 11132016; 26 Pent. I wanted to tell you all this morning, how proud I am of all of you.  I am so proud of this church!   You’ve made this church a place of healing for so many different folks.  Having served or been a member of a number of different churches, I […]

  3. Acts of Kindness

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    Luke 6: 20-31; 11062016; All Saints Day I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness, the last few weeks.  Perhaps it’s because of the crazy election stuff that’s been going on, or maybe it’s just the people I’ve been running into.  And, I suspect, some of it has to do with the coming holiday season.  I’ve […]