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  1. “Don’t Fence Me In”

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    Luke 4: 14-21; 01242016; 3 Epiphany If you happened to be in church a couple of Sundays ago, you’ll recall that I talked about the Spirit.  Specifically, I made reference to the emphasis that Luke gives to the Spirit in the context of his Gospel.  You’ll notice that the Spirit reappears once again this morning.  […]

  2. Big Man, Big Faith, Big Heart

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    Tuck Williams Funeral; 01232016 I want to welcome all of you, on behalf of St. Nicholas, as we celebrate Tuck’s life together.  Most of you knew Tuck much better than I did, and I know you have your own stories to tell.  I hope you’ll share some of them with one another, as we gather […]

  3. A Sign of New Wine

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    John 2: 1-11; 01172016; 2 Epiphany Do you believe in miracles?  It seems like a timely question to ask, after hearing our story from John’s Gospel.  The holiday season is over and the hoopla of Christmas is past.  By now, the gifts we’ve each received have all been put away.  As our Christmas memories begin […]

  4. Musings on Star Wars

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    Baptism of Our Lord; 01102016 Our good friends Ross and Pat were in town this past week, and we all went to see the new Star Wars movie.  Having been told that the crowds were still out in force, we got to the Regal Theaters well ahead of time and bought our tickets.  We had […]

  5. Decisions

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    Matt 2: 1-12; Epiphany; 01032016 It is one of the strange ironies of this morning’s story from Matthew, that the greatest interest in the birth of Jesus comes from a traveling retinue of Gentiles.  The birth of Jesus goes virtually unnoticed by his own people, as we have just heard in our story from the […]