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  1. The Magician’s Lure

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    John 6: 1-21; 07262015; 9 Pentecost It’s good to be home again, after a rather strenuous vacation.  It’s the first vacation I believe I’ve ever actually lost weight on.  Lots of hiking in the National Parks had a lot to do with it, along with a different kind of hiking on the strip in Las […]

  2. William’s Baptism

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    Mark 6: 14-29; 07122015; 7 Pentecost My youngest brother Tom, nicknamed Chip at a tender young age, was born in 1959.  He was the fifth boy in our family, and the last child my parents would have.  I doubt if anyone thought at the time that he would be the last male child in the […]

  3. Power & Faith

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    Mark 6: 1-13; 07052015; 6 Pentecost I was thinking yesterday that I don’t remember ever going to the fireworks with my folks when I was a kid.  I’m not sure why that thought popped up, but I thought it was strange, as they were both World War II veterans.  I checked with my brothers, to […]