Archive: Oct 2014

  1. Two Dimensional Commitment

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    Matthew 22: 34-46; 20 Pentecost One of my earliest memories in elementary school in the mid to late 1950s was taking part in nuclear war drills.  An alarm would come over the rather scratchy P.A. speaker mounted high up on the wall and we’d be told to crawl underneath our desks.  The theory, I suppose, […]

  2. Songs in the Darkness

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    A number of years ago, Cookie and I took our daughter Chana and our granddaughter Ashley to Disney World in Orlando.  We decided to drive down from Wisconsin, thinking it would be cheaper than flying.  Well, it might have been cheaper, but I think we probably suffered some premature aging, riding that far with two […]

  3. Rapture Me Not

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    Matthew 21: 33-46; 17 Pentecost A few weeks ago, I was going through some boxes stacked up in my bedroom closet.  Amongst other things, I was looking for a framed certificate of gratitude that I’d received when I retired from the Police Department.  The said certificate was given to me by the United States Secret […]