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  1. Fishers of People

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    Matthew 4: 12-23 Way, way back in the day, my Dad was really into ice fishing.  He had some friends he’d hang out with on Saturdays and some of them had kids my age.  And so on Saturdays, at the crack of dawn, we’d load up the fishing gear and head for the great outdoors.  […]

  2. Looking in the Right Direction

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    John 1: 29-42  “What are you looking for?”  Jesus never asked hard questions, did he?  In today’s vernacular, the two disciples punted the question.  Instead of answering, they asked Jesus where he was living.  We get the sense they really weren’t sure what they were looking for, don’t we? It reminded me of a warm […]

  3. Cousins Face to Face

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    When I was a young lad of twelve or so, I duly attended confirmation class as was the custom of the day.  In order to graduate, we were required to memorize the Lord’s Prayer, the Nicene Creed, and, of course, the Ten Commandments.  I did so, though admittedly right at the last moment, and soon […]